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12'6 sports

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  • MSL fusion composite and airtight coating. New for 2016, MSL involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process also saves almost 2kg in weight and makes the boards stiffer at lower pressures.


  • A board with a clear and deserved space in the 2016 Red Paddle co range. An excellent day cruising and touring board for those who want good glide and speed, or a great board to get your first few SUP races under your belt. Excellent value for money when you consider the excellent quality of the board, bag and pump.
  • Length 12’6″
    Width 30″/762mm
    Thickness 5.9″/150mm
    Volume 350 litres
    Rider Weight up to 150kgs/330lbs
  • Einsatzbereich: Flachwasser (ein See oder langsamer Fluss)
  • Zielgruppe: Trainings & Tourenboard für alle Paddler. Sportliche Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene.
  • Finnen: Single Fin, US-Box
  • Doppelwandiger Aufbau, kann extrem hart aufgepumpt werden 20psi. Dank der neuen TITAN Pumpe sehr leicht zu erreichen. Das sehr steife Board paddelt sehr leicht und schön geradeaus durchs Wasser. Fühlt wie ein Hardboard.

2015 Red Paddle 11 Sport Schweiz online kaufen deck


  • Bungee Straps am Bug zur Gepäckbefestigung
  • Optisch sehr schönes Deckpad
  • Grosser Rucksack de-luxe mit umlaufendem Reissverschluss mit gepolsterte Straps und mit Rollen

backpack rücksackred paddle backpack

  • TITAN- Pumpe (extrem schnell und leicht aufpumpen)


  • Repair Kit & Ventilschlüssel
  • Finnen: Single Fin, US-Box

  • Stahlring am Bug unten zum abschleppen
  • Stahlring am Heck oben, zur Leashbefestigung
  • Trageschlaufe
  • Wasserdichte Smartphonehülle als extra


  • Premium Board: aufblasbar bis 20 PSI, optisch sehr schön
  • sehr schnell und gut geradeaus. Perfekt für Flachwasser ins besondere für langere Touren.
  • Leichtes Board
  • Premium Zubehör: TITAN-Pumpe, Rücksack mit Roller, extra’s


Hersteller (Englisch):

The 12’6” Sport offers a step up from the Ride family and has been designed for the more experienced paddler to deliver more speed and dynamic performance (although they’re not race boards).

Their secret lies in their shape. They’re narrower than a Ride, so they cut through the water more cleanly, and the drawn-out nose section gives them more glide across the water. This year, we’ve made the Sport in two sizes. The 11’0” offers fast inflation and great flat-water performance for riders up to 90kg/198lb, while the 12’6” is more suited to longer touring trips and/or the larger rider. Both boards are fitted with Red Paddle Co’s patented RSS system for maximum rigidity.


The most innovative inflatable SUPs in the world – Red Paddle Co’s high-performance inflatable SUPs are full of innovation – our mantra is to design and manufacture high-quality boards with zero compromise. This year, we’re introducing MSL fusion technology, which stands for Monocoque Structural Laminate. This involves an industrial process that fuses the second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at raw material stage. MSL reduces hand-gluing errors and the amount of glue we use, which saves 2kg in weight. It also delivers greater stiffness at lower pressures – we recommend inflating our boards to 18-20psi for ultimate performance. Add MSL to our TecAir manufacturing process that makes our boards stiffer, more durable, and better-performing, and our patented RSS stiffening system (see page right), and you have inflatable boards that deliver the world’s most authentic stand-up paddleboard experience.


By looking at how and where a board flexes we have developed and patented the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) to increase rigidity. It works by inserting stiffening battens along the rails of the board. The battens then work against the downward force of the rider to produce a stiffer board by preventing flex – similar to how a stringer works on a hard board. The stiffening strips are removable for easy board rolling and can be stored in the carry bag for transportation to and from the water.


The Dual Cylinder system of the Titan pump combined with the Hi Flo handle means you are in complete control of the time and energy required to inflate your board. It puts the volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure. A revolution in pumping technology!


Tec Air is not a product, it’s a process. We looked at how we built boards, and by focusing in on the key areas of the production process, we have been able to refine each process to make the very best boards. All Red Paddle Co boards are built using our Tec Air specification to ensure the best possible build quality. Our strength comes from the inside.


The 12’6″ Sport is 150mm/5.9″ thick. This Thickness is perfect for providing a super stable platform and keeping your feet dry without being affected by wind. The extra thickness also provides great stiffness but is still easy to pump up. Combined with the RSS system we are able to offer the stiffest boards in class with the best performance.


The 12’6″ Sport utilises a low profile US box fin system. This allows you to put in your favourite flat water fin. The board is supplied with a fin designed to work for all round paddling.


After covering over 100,000 miles with our boards we had a really good idea of what was needed from the ultimate bag. Our all new bag has the most significant developments yet seen with inflatable board bags. It has integrated wheels that make travelling through airports a pleasure. The hidden back pack system can be stowed when not in use and is super comfy when you need to put the board on your back. The front loading system makes packing and unpacking super simple. The internal straps make sure the board stays put while in transit. This bag truly is the ultimate solution for travel and storage.

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