2015 Gaastra GA Sails manic schweiz kaufen

2015 Gaastra GA Sails manic schweiz kaufen

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Das Manic wurde 2014 komplett neu konstruiert, und es ist leistungsfähiger und stabiler denn je! Mit seiner konstanten und smoothen Power verhält es sich sehr leicht in der Hand und wir konnten den „Drive“ deutlich erhöhen.
Der neue Charakter verbessert das leichte und ausgewogene Handling, und definiert damit Gaastra’s legendäres On-Off Verhalten in der Wellen neu. Diese Verbesserungen machen es einfacher die Impact Zone zu passieren und geben dem Segel viel mehr Stabilität in kritischen Situationen. Das Manic ist eine Klasse für sich und wartet nur darauf in allen Wave Bedingungen zu brillieren.
PETER MUNZLINGERNew luff curve and shaping points in the seams, getting more shape low and in the front of the sail and straight- ening the back. The battens have slightly more rotation than in previous models and the trimming range is more flexible. The clew position is relatively low, foot is rela- tively straight and the head is moderately exposed.

The top half of sail is in our lightweight and elastic 2-Ply material. We kept the Dacron luff panel as in our opin- ion it is the best material when looking for smooth and soft behavior, and great neutrality. The seams around the window are 30mm with 2 rows of triple stitch, for higher strength and durability.

Radial panel layout further enhanced at the clew with additional radial tape reduces stretch and holds bet- ter sail shape. Newly redesigned tack fairing, softer and much more user friendly. The 2 mast concept allows all sizes to be rigged on 2 masts only. Newly designed head and clew fairings for additional protection of those exposed areas of the sail.

Also available in HD version with a full Xply construction, to withstand the highest abuse.

I have been using the 4 batten sails for the last 5 years, i never thought about coming back to the 5 batten sails again. After trying the new 2014 Manic i was surprised how good the sail works, perfect control on strong and light winds and very maneuverable in the waves. Per- fect combination of control and looseness.

Bottom Line
The Manic is a great sail for all conditions and all wind- surfers. When it comes to performance in big or small waves, it is in a class by itself; a radical wave sail with neutral handling no matter what happens.


Size Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Batten Head Cams Ideal Mast
3.3 370 17 339 140 0 4 Vario 0 Gaastra 100 RDM
3.7 370 17 360 146 0 4 Vario 0 Gaastra 100 RDM
4 370 17 373 149 5 4 Vario 0 Gaastra 100 RDM
4.2 370 17 379 154 10 5 Vario 0 Gaastra 100 RDM
4.5 370 17 389 159 20 5 Vario 0 Gaastra 100 RDM
4.7 400 19 400 160 2.5 5 Vario 0 Gaastra 100 RDM
5 400 19 406 164 7.5 5 Fixed 0 Gaastra 100 RDM
5.3 400 19 421 168 22.5 5 Fixed 0 Gaastra 100 RDM
5.7 430/400 21/19 434 173 5 5 Fixed 0 Gaastra 100 RDM


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