2015 Gaastra GA Sails matrix schweiz kaufen

2015 Gaastra GA Sails matrix schweiz kaufen

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The Matrix is our freeride favorite! Each size is equipped with 6 battens and no cams, combining a light gentle rotation with a strong secure skeleton, which will provide forgiveness for the novice rider and exhilaration for the expert. We increased the shape in the front panels, and pushed the center of effort a little higher up and back in the sail to increase the performances in lighter winds. In addition we increased the looseness in the leech at the top of the sail to increase the range. A 6 batten skeleton, with 3 tube battens, makes it stable and powerful, with a wide useable wind range. With so many fine attributes the Matrix finishes top of her class. Simple plug and play rigging, stable and light handling and a high level of performance rolled into one great sail.


R&D Details
For 2015 we made the new design with a „Posi Leech“, which allowed us to make a smaller head area for increased handling. The Compact Batten Positioning and revised panel layout, with less seams, makes the sail lighter in the hands and provides greater control and balance. We adjusted the luff curve and modified the shape in the seams, making the sail fuller, and moved the shape slightly further back in the sail, resulting in a more open leech and greater top end speed. We use a Dacron luff panel, which has increased the smoothness of the sail’s power delivery. Our trademark features such as CFilm in the 2015 version is brighter and more transparent with these new flashy colors. Radial panel layout and a newly designed tack fairing round off the fantastic appearance of this range.


Posi Leech
Compact Batten Positioning
Stabilized Head Configuration
Smaller head area
Revised panel layout with less seams
Adjusted luff curve details for a smoother curve
More loose leech at the top
New seam shaping: more shape in the front panels
Front seams positioned further back in the sail
Use of the NEW C-Film for better durability and performance
Use of Dacron in the luff panel for softer, smoother feeling and maximum neutrality
Radial Panel Layout 3G: improved layout for perfect locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist control and durability
3D EVA mast protector. New design, more user friendly, much easier to handle for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
3D mast head protector for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
Vario Top protector. This little feature protects the exposed adjustment webbing from wear and tear
Equipped with 6 battens
No camber inducers
Dropped clew, shorter boom, improved lower twist
Fifth batten crosses the boom area for more power and performance
Ross Williams“There can be no doubt, the Matrix is truly the master of versatility. When I am helping out at test events these sails are in use whatever the weather, all day, everyday!“

Bottom Line
This no cam rig can race like a slalom sail, turn like a wave sail and put a smile on anyone’s face! Easy to rig and tune, this is the ultimate Freeride machine.


Size Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Batten Head Cams Ideal Mast
5.5 430/460 21/25 431 166 2.5 6 Vario 0 Gaastra 75/60 SDM/RDM
6 430/460 21/25 441 175 12.5 6 Vario 0 Gaastra 75/60 SDM/RDM
6.5 430/460 21/25 454 187 25 6 Vario 0 Gaastra 75/60 SDM/RDM
7 460 25 466 195 7.5 6 Fixed 0 Gaastra 75/60 SDM
7.5 460 25 476 202 17.5 6 Fixed 0 Gaastra 75/60 SDM
8 460 25 484 213 25 6 Fixed 0 Gaastra 75/60 SDM
8.5 490 29 497 220 7.5 6 Fixed 0 Gaastra 75/60 SDM


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