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RRD Style Pro MKII 2014

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Freestyle PRO

The Style Pro Mk 1 set a new standard in the freestyle world, both in terms of style and performance. The sail allowed our riders to push their freestyle to new levels, with Jacopo Testa winning the PWA EXCELLENCE AWARD for his breathtaking Air Kabikuchi. The New Style Pro takes freestyle to a whole new level. Modern freestyle has developed in a way that means a freestyle sail needs to deliver both huge amounts of power, as well as unprecedented levels of control. The Style Pro achieves this with a combination of the Power Luff zone and the 4 batten structure. When sheeted out the sail sits with an incredibly flat profile, perfect for ducking into wind or maneuvering into position. When the sail is sheeted in, the deep profile provides huge amounts of power to explode into the air or fly onto the plane. Lightweight, and with an on/off power switch, this sail will take your freestyle to new levels of style and performance.

Model/size Boom (cm) Luff (cm) Battens Recom. Boom Recom. Mast Head
Style Pro MKII 4.2 153 393 4 RDM 370 Adjust.
Style Pro MKII 4.7 162 409 4 RDM 400 Fixed
Style Pro MKII 5.2 172 425 4 RDM 400 Fixed
Style Pro MKII 5.7 180 441 4 RDM 430 Fixed

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