2015 RRD Wave Vogue MK VI Pro schweiz kaufen

RRD Wave Vogue MK VI Pro

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  • The Vogue is all about control. Light in the hands, neutral feel and perfectly balanced in all conditions. The Vogue MK6 has taken this one step further giving unrivalled control in a radical hardcore wave sail
  • The Vogue has seen a complete overhaul over the last 2 years, with huge improvements in the power delivery, balance and above all control. The new Mk6 takes all these elements to new levels. In 4.7 down, through numerous prototypes, we were able to keep all the stability and control of a 5 batten sail and transform it into a lighter and more throw-about 4 batten ripper. The larger sizes, 5.0 and above, keep 5 battens to allow a subtle increase in power, whilst always maximizing control
  • the Vogue Pro has a high visibility window built into a high strength target window
  • 4 batten maximum control in 4.7 and below
  • 5 batten increase power and stability in 5.0 and above]

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