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Angulo Chango Wave 2015

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By combining a more traditional wave board rocker with the new-school width and tail shape you truly get the best of both worlds. Because really, without planing you’re not going ANYWHERE!
The single to double concave bottom shape in combination with the winger outline on the CHANGO gives you all the confidence and grip on the wave. This in Combination with a more traditional stretched rocker line you’ll find a smooth ride that is not sensitive to feet placement. That traditional rocker line makes the CHANGO more forgiving and easy to get on the plane. The single fin set-up gives the CHANGO great drive, upwind ability and speed. All while the tail wingers give
Chango 67 233cm 52cm 67L 5.8kg
Chango 73 239cm 54cm 73L 6.1kg
Chango 81 240cm 57cm 81L 6.3kg
Chango 88 241cm 59cm 88L 6.5kg
Chango 93 239cm 60cm 93L 6.7kg
Chango 101 240cm 62cm 101L 6.9kg
Chango 109 241cm 64cm 109L 7.3kg


Durable boards, for when you want push your limits. Having a product that last is just as important to us as the performance of each product. As long time windsurfers we understand the fear of breaking a board or the frustration of missing that session.
Light is good, but strong is better. So we tried to keep the weight as low as possible, not without first making sure the boards will last. Therefor we give to you the best we can come up with. Shapes that work and constructions that last.
We offer only one construction per board, the best one for it’s specific type of sailing! Keeping things simple trough the use of proven materials out there in combination with good constructions there is no deception in our boards, only strength.

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