2015 funster es asa schweiz kaufen

2015 funster es asa  schweiz kaufen

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ASA SANDWICH Technology with full EVA deck, nose protector and a carrying handle on the nose and tail.


They combine the easy handling of a super stable beginner board with the performance of a large freeride board. Excellent beginner and family boards, also offering fun to the advanced rider.

They have comfortable EVA decks and lots of different footstrap options. This allows you to slowly move from an easy cruising setup, to a sportier stance out on the rail of the board. They all come with indestructible, detachable fiberglass nose protectors.

The 205 and 180 are simply perfect beginner boards. After only a few hours everybody will be sailing back and forth. The 145 and 160 have a wide range of use: From beginner boards for kids and lightweights to sporty cruisers for more advanced riders.


INFLATABLE Drop Stitch Technology
This inflatable version of a Funster offers the same basic concept like its hard board siblings but has great advantages. It can be rolled up and fits into the backpack it comes with which means that you won’t need a roof rack for transport and no big garage for storage. It’s also considerably lighter than any hardboard of this size.The high tech drop stitch technology makes the board so stiff that you will easily get it planing but the surface itself is soft enough so that beginners won’t hurt themselves when falling on it.
Instead of a daggerboard it comes with an additional center fin which gives the board some directional stability to help avoid drifting and helps to go upwind. Being longer than the normal Funsters also helps with going upwind due to its longer waterline. This board offers so much fun and is a great family toy.

Funster & FunstAIR Length Width Volume W. ASA+EVA W. INFLATABLE Fins Sails
cm / inch cm / inch liters +/-6% KG / LBS +/-6% KG / LBS
145 258 75 145 11.3 Fun 34 PB + ideal: 4.5-9.0
8’6″ 29.5″ 24.9 daggerboard rec.: <10.0
160 258 80 160 11.7 Fun 34 PB + ideal: 4.5-9.0
8’6″ 31.5″ 25.8 daggerboard rec.: <10.0
180 258 91 180 13 Fun 34 PB + ideal: 4.5-10
8’6″ 35.8″ 28.7 daggerboard rec.: <10.0
205 260 101 205 14.4 Fun 34 PB + ideal: 4.5-10
8’6″ 39.8″ 31.7 daggerboard rec.: <10.0
FunstAIR 310 285 95 310 10.4 2 x 9.0″ ideal: 4.5-6.0
9’4″ 37.5″ 22.9 rec.: 4.7-7.0
PB = Powerbox




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