2015 JP magic ride gold schweiz kaufen

2015 JP magic ride gold schweiz kaufen

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PRO EDITION Technology


Thrilling and exciting extra wide, short and thin freeride boards. They feature unbelievable early planing with the easiest jibing possible. The main difference to boards from our competition is, that they really give you an electrifying feel which you normally only get from much smaller boards. Their early planing and top speed are also unmatched in their class.


Shaper Werner Gnigler took a lot of features from the Freestyle Wave boards. The thin rails in combination with the low overall thickness make them such outstanding easy jibers. They pretty much jibe by themselves. Push the rail and they will carve the same radius every time – smooth and easy. Obviously, the thin rails also provide great grip for more sporty jibes. If your jibes are not perfect yet and you sometimes make little mistakes – no problem the Magic Rides will simply finish the jibe for you by keeping the same radius.

The wide body concept creates ease, comfort and stability. This in combination with the special rocker line probably makes the boards the ultimate in passive planing today. You don’t need to pump or use a special technique to get them onto a plane. Just sheet in and enjoy! Their planing power is not limited to big sails. They jump on the plane effortlessly – even with rather small sails. Super easy to get going and get into the straps! They accelerate quickly to a convincing pace which is easy to handle and controllable at all times. And they never seem to stop planing!

As this concept is so popular we now offer an additional 111 as well as extra technology versions.

Their amazing maneuverability and their reliability to carve steady arcs will inspire the advanced riders to try some classic freestyle moves. Short and wide boards often run into control problems in choppy conditions. Not the Magic Rides as the maximum width is slightly in front of the center resulting in a smooth and even outline which provides great control at high speed. They will feel like the smallest boards of this width that you have ever sailed.



Magic Ride Length Width Volume W. GOLD +/-6% W. PRO +/-6% W. FWS +/-6% W. ES +/-6% Fins Fins Sails
cm / inch cm / inch liters kg / lbs kg / lbs kg / lbs kg / lbs GOLD&PRO FWS&ES
104 239 68 104 6.8 7.2 8.1 Ride 36 Freeride ideal: 5.0-7.0
7’10“ 26.8″ 15 15.9 17.9 [G10] PB 36 PB rec.: 4.7-7.5
111 239 72 111 7 7.7 8.5 Ride 38 Freeride ideal: 5.7-7.5
7’10“ 28.3 15.4 17 18.7 [G10] PB 38 PB rec.: 5.0-8.0
118 239 76 118 6.6 7.3 8 9.1 Ride 40 Freeride ideal: 6.0-8.0
7’10“ 29.9″ 14.6 16.1 17.6 20.1 [G10] PB 40 PB rec.: 5.5-8.5
132 240 84 132 7.2 7.9 8.4 9.5 Ride 44 Freeride ideal: >6.6
7’10“ 33.1 15.9 17.4 18.5 20.9 [G10] PB 44 PB rec.: >6.0
PB = Powerbox



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