2015 JP radical quad pro schweiz kaufen

2015 JP radical quad pro schweiz kaufen

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PRO EDITION in S-Glass Technology with Stringers and Carbon Rails


Our team riders always ask for the impossible – looser boards, with more grip, smoother rides and more speed. We realized that those contradictive goals can’t be achieved with traditional concepts. We looked at what is happening in surfing and decided to go more radical than ever.

The boards come with a double concave bottom with probably the deepest concaves (5,5 – 6mm depth) ever used on new age wave boards. The deepest part of the concaves has been moved right underneath the standing area. The deep concaves enabled Werner Gnigler to create a very long flat section under the straps. This makes the boards plane early and accelerate to high speed when sailed flat.
At the same time the concaves allowed for a curvy bottom line in the rails with almost no flat section. So when you rail the board up this feature really comes into play and you will experience incredible turning and a new unknown riding sensation.

The brand-new wingers make the board?s tail slightly wider in front of the rear strap, providing more surface area and early planing. Behind the winger the radically narrow and thin tail allows super radical turns and you can tighten your turn whenever you feel like it.

A super soft tuck line with slightly less overall width makes the boards respond a lot quicker and they change from rail to rail much faster. The centered volume makes the boards float in a neutral position to pass the whitewater easily – also when not planing and helps to get on the plane effortlessly.

New fins with a slightly wider base offer more grip and drive. Thus, the length of the fins could be reduced adding to a better feel and maneuverability of the new boards.


Jason, Kauli, Robby, Leon, Antoine and Morgan love these boards and you will too. There are absolutely no limits to radical action and mind-blowing bottom and top turns. Experience a new dimension regarding grip, control and speed throughout your wave moves. These new Radical Quads will take you to a new level of wave riding!

Radical Quad Length Width Volume W. PRO +/-6% Quad Fins Sails
cm / inch cm / inch liters kg / lbs
69 225 52.5 69 5.6 2x MW 13.0 [G10] SB + ideal: <4.8
7’5″ 20.7″ 12.3 2x SF 10 [G10] MT rec.: <5.0
75 227 54.5 75 5.8 2x MW 13.5 [G10] SB + ideal: 4.0-5.0
7’5″ 21.5″ 12.8 2x SF 10 [G10] MT rec.: <5.4
83 228 56.5 83 6 2x MW 14.5 [G10] SB + ideal: 4.2-5.4
7’6″ 22.2″ 13.2 2x SF 10 [G10] MT rec.: 4.0-5.8
94 230 59 94 6.3 2x MW 15.5 [G10] SB + ideal: 4.8-5.8
7’7″ 23.2″ 13.9 2x SF 10 [G10] MT rec.: >4.7
MW = Multi Wave SF = Side Fin SB = Slot box MT = Mini Tuttle box

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