2015 jp x-cite ride plus es schweiz kaufen

2015 x-cite ride plus es schweiz kaufen

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X-Cite Ride Plus

EPOXY SANDWICH Technology with EVA deck FAMILY 145


The name X-Cite Ride became a trademark for comfortable and sporty freeriding. Outstanding test reports have confirmed this. The X-Cite Ride PLUS range still follows this concept. With the introduction of the super easy Magic Ride boards we decided to slightly re-position the X-Cite Rides and make them even sportier. So the PLUS in the name stands for improved overall performance and for the fact that Generation 6 is sportier than ever whilst still being easy to handle.


They merge easy sailing with an exciting riding sensation, top performance and great maneuverability. They have a rather parallel outline in the midsection. This results in a bigger planing surface lifting the board up onto the plane quickly and effortlessly. It also improves the stability when tacking or non-planing.

The special bottom curve allows the board to release easily creating this exciting feeling, a stunning riding sensation and the increased sportiness. The X-Cite Ride Plus boards outperform their predecessors in all these aspects as well as being faster. Proven shape features such as the double concave front and mid section in combination with a soft tuck line provide the comfort expected from an X-Cite Ride.

The even deck radius results in a comfortable stance and the thick foot pads complete the comfort package. Towards the tail, the outline is pulled-in which results in additional outline curve which helps to improve the maneuverability. Once the rail is set it carves a smooth stable arc, keeping plenty of speed for the jibe exit. You can jibe these boards at any radius you like.


Sporty, fast and lively. They offer more performance than ever and still provide all of the proven X-Cite Ride attributes like easy riding and control. PLUS, they are very exciting and fun to ride, jibe and carve. Compared to the Magic Rides they require a slightly more advanced rider but in return offer a more direct and sporty feel.  Jump on them and feel the performance PLUS!

X-Cite Ride Plus Length Width Volume W. PRO W. FWS W. ES Fins Fins Sails
cm / inch cm / inch liters +/-6% +/-6% +/-6% PRO FWS / ES
kg / lbs kg / lbs kg / lbs
125 250 69 125 7.1 7.8 8.6 Ride 40 Freeride ideal: 5.7-8.0
8’2″ 27.2″ 15.7 17.2 19 [G10] PB 40 PB rec.: 5.5-8.5
135 250 73 135 7.6 8.2 9 Ride 44 Freeride ideal: 6.0-8.5
8’2″ 28.7″ 16.8 18.1 19.8 [G10] PB 44 PB rec.: 5.7-9.5
145 252 77 145 8.1 8.6 9.5 Ride 48 Freeride ideal: 6.5-9.5
8’3″ 30.4″ 17.9 19 20.9 [G10] PB 48 PB rec.: 6.0-10
160 253 78 160 9 10 Ride 52 Freeride ideal: >7.0
8’4″ 30.7″ 19.8 22 [G10] PB 52 PB rec.: >6.5
Family 145 252 77 145 10.4 Freeride 48 + ideal: 1.5-9.5
ES & EVA 8’3″ 30.4″ 22.9 Fun 34 PB rec.: <10
PB = Powerbox

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