2015 starboard kode freewave wood schweiz kaufen

2015 starboard kode freewave wood schweiz kaufen

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Starboard Kode Freewave Wood 2015

The Kode FreeWaves are Starboard’s aggressive, fast, award-winning do-it-all boards for waves, freestyle or freeride. The new 81, 86, 94 models have versatile fin configuration that allows the new Kode FreeWaves to be tuned to match the rider’s location: single fin for more speed and acceleration, thruster for improved grip and control with instantaneous maneuverability.

In 2014, the Kodes FreeWaves were upgraded in shape. The 94 and 103 in particular benefited from the “bullet nose innovation“: a low nose concept that improves aerodynamics for better control and significantly higher speeds.The freeride front strap positions on the 94 and 103 were also moved further out-board.

For 2015, the Kode FreeWave 81 is introduced, the most wave orientated model of the range. This 81 and the 86 come supplied with a thruster fin setup, emphasizing their wave side. For more top end speed and acceleration, plug in the thrusters and use a single fin. Our recommended single fin is the MFC or Drake FreeWave 26.

The Kode FreeWave 94 has new thruster fin boxes added. This extends the versatility. For those who can sacrifice some top-end speed for much improved grip and control: remove the plugs and the single fin and fit a set of thruster fins. Our recommended thruster fin set up is an MFC TF 20 center fin combined with the Drake Natural Wave 11 for the side fins.

The Kode FreeWave 103 doesn’t have the option to change to a thruster fin set up, since it is unlikely for 103 liter board to be used more for wave riding than freestyle or freeride, where a lighter board is preferable.

Volumen Länge Breite Gewicht Wood
81 230 57,5 6,3
86 232 59 6,2
94 234 61 6,6
103 234 64,5 6,7

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