2015 starboard kode wave wood schweiz kaufen

2015 starboard kode wave wood schweiz kaufen

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Starboard Kode Wave Wood 2015

The signature wave board of 2 x World Champion Philip Köster.

Fast to get on the plane with a high top end speed, they are the most ideal boards for big airs and double forwards. They just want to boost whether it’s jumping or wave riding, with excellent projection above the lip along with being able to spin around it.

Drive and speed are initiated off of the front foot, as is the rotational spinning style of Köster. MB Twinzer fins in a new G10 construction aid in the early release of the tail for backside 360’s and takas whilst the board is still able to maintain the drive required for going down the line.

The new Wave Edition construction adds a triangular layer of unidirectional carbon extending from the back footstrap to the mast track, for a virtually indestructible board.

Volumen Länge Breite Gewicht Wood
72 220 56 6,4
77 224 58 6,7
82 230 58,5 7,0
87 230 60,5 7,1
92 234 62 7,1


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