2015 starboard ultrasonic carbon schweiz kaufen

2015 starboard ultrasonic carbon schweiz kaufen

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Starboard Ultrasonic Carbon 2015
The all-new UltraSonic is Starboard’s lightwind specialist

In the iSonic family, it is designed to bring high levels of light-wind performance to the masses. It’s easy, it?s fast and it’s really fun.

It’s the magical board that started the ultra-planing lightwind category has been upgraded to its fourth generation design.

The UltraSonic is all-new for 2015: 2cm wider at the max width, narrower wetted surface area in the tail, 7mm thinner and a new rocker line: earlier, easier planing, higher top speed with a more efficient, slippery feel, sharper acceleration in the gusts and a bigger wind range than previously.

It comes supplied with a new, highest performance Drake Ready to Race 58 cm fin. It’s the new UltraSonic and it’s the new Ultra-planing, lightwind slalom benchmark.

With a width that stretches beyond the PWA’s official limit, the UltraSonic is more efficient at creating planing lift, releasing itself from the water in the lightest of breezes to become the world’s earliest-planing and easiest slalom board.

Unlike Formula boards that are designed to go upwind and downwind, the UltraSonic is comfortable reaching in and out at maximum speeds. Start planing on an UltraSonic and work your way effortlessly through lulls ? it transforms the idea of light-wind windsurfing.

The UltraSonic design starts from the iSonic base and adds some width and loses more thickness. The nose of the UltraSonic is then lengthened to make the board smoother to get planing. Tacking, jibing and getting going becomes easier, more stable and more accessible.

The rail shapes under the footstraps are more comfortable and less boxy than the iSonics. This makes the board more comfortable, the straps are easier to get into and there is less burning-power in your back-thigh when fully powered.


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