2015 Tabou Da Curve Quadster schweiz kaufen

2015 Tabou Da Curve Quadster schweiz kaufen

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Model Volume Length Width Weight Box Fin Sails Size
Da Curve 67 Quadster 67 224 53 6.1 Slotbox Zinger 2×7 + 2×13 + 1×15 3.0 – 5.0
Da Curve 75 Quadster 75 226 54.5 6.4 Slotbox Zinger 2×8 + 2×15 + 1×17 3.5 – 5.2
Da Curve 80 Quadster 80 228 56 6.7 Slotbox Zinger 2×9 + 2×15 + 1×17 3.7 – 5.7
Da Curve 86 Quadster 86 230 57.5 6.8 Slotbox Zinger 2×9 + 2×16 + 1×18 4.2 – 6.1
Da Curve 96 Quadster 96 230 59 7.1 Slotbox Zinger 2×11 + 2×16 + 1×18 4.5 – 6.2

The most complete early planing and easy accelerating Da Curve Quadster range ever.
Designs perfected for more speed, easy planing and better drive in the turn make the all new 2015 Da Curve Quadster. A perfect balance of speed and turning capability to keep you in the critical point of the wave. With one totally new board design brought into range in the 96L and a few key technical enhancements to the rest of the sizes make the 2015 the best all round Da Curve Quadster range to be put in production. New outlines and rocker lines with enhanced rail sections look to make the Da Curve a must in any true wave chaser?s armory.


?The Da Curve is the ultimate wave design! There are so many different set-ups to try in each board. I can tune my board to meet my exact needs any time and any condition.

This year we looked to really improve our biggest Da Curve as this was the one we didn?t change in 2014. So we put the majority of our development into the 96. We redesigned this size to get earlier planing, more speed and especially more speed on the wave without much power from the wind. The rocker has a lower entry and less kick in the tail; the outline is wider under the back foot to get more power at lower speeds, and we have less V to reduce the drag and keep the speed up. The rest of the range – 75, 80 and 86 – we made a few fin and mast track positioning adjustments to allow for greater turning diversity and improved trimming speed in marginal wind condition.
New CAD design rocker-line with lower entry and less kick in the tail: better planing,faster, more control in long turns.


New bottom shape with less V: better planing, more direct feeling.
Double concave:  lot of grip in the curve.
New outline with wider tail: more power in the slower wave, more acceleration for jumps.
The Quadster will allow you to tune your board to your wish: Quad or Thruster whatever suits your style and your home spot.
The extra-wide footstrap positions have proven to be ideal for a real surfy feeling and more control over the board.
Slot box: lighter board, less drag
New back fin positions: more forward leading to a looser board.
Mast track further back: The board generates more speed in surf and marginal wind conditions; more loose.

The boards are equipped with 5 slot-boxes in the rear and come with 5 matching slot-box fins and two covers.


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