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Stand Up Paddle Board

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Inflatable or Hardboard ?
Almost everybody nows buys an inflatable SUP board (and not a hardboard) because they are portable and the performance is almost similar.

The right size ?
–> determined by the volume –> Bodyweight + at least 110 Liter. Example: 80 kg. ? Then a board with at least 190 Liter Volume. For example the  MAGIC GLIDE 10´8 with 280 Liter. Fits automatically for lighter persons also. The extra volume offers stability and paddling with kids on board.

Which catagory / model ?
80% buys an ALLROUND/ FAMILY for the whole family. These work on lakes, ocean and rivers.

Price-Quality ?

  • There are very low priced SUP Boards at the Supermarket and Outlet which are also low cost produced (bad gluing etc.). We do not sell these.
  • There are the well know brands like Red Paddle which costs 1000+ CHF and these we do sell. Boards have higher total costs (production, sales, marketing).
  • A good allround SUP of high quality production complete with paddle does not have to cost a thousand Swiss Francs. Here are some of our bestsellers:

Affordable: Max. CHF 600

FIT OCEAN Magic Glide 10’8
Testwinner, super stable, Paddlers up 140kg. (or 2 adults). Swiss Quality Design

Good deals: CHF 600 – 900

BIC Performer Air Evo 10’6″
Riders up to 100 Kg will enjoy the good quality of this allround beginner Board. 320 x 81 x 15cm

BIC Wing Air Evo 11’0″.
Larger riders up to 140 kg will enjoy this super stable allround Board. 335 x 81 x 15cm

FIT OCEAN Allround Wave 8’9
A short board for relaxed paddling on lakes with your friends and a board for radical wave-riding. 267 x 78 x 12cm

Premium: > CHF 900


RED PADDLE ride 9’8 or 10’6 or 10’8
The ferrari under the boards. Various sizes.

lombok hor

MISTRAL Lombok 11’5
The Lombok 11’5 is ideal for beginners, families or heavier people. The shape with the thinned bow allows extremely free and efficient paddling, even in wind and waves. 350 x 81 x 15cm

mistral-sumatra-106-415x415 hor

Mistral pulled the nose in tight to make up-wind paddling smoother and the board more streamlined from the paddler’s perspective. A wide tail adds huge gains in stability. 350 x 81 x 15cm