Paddleboard testcentre

Testing at the surfdeal Shop in Kuessnacht am Rigi
1 hour 20 CHF
2 hours 30 CHF
3 hours 40 CHF
4 hours 50 CHF
A wet/drysuit + shoes can be rented 10 CHF / hour


  • incl. Paddle, leash and Vest
  • Test several boards
  • When you buy a SUP afterwards we deduct 20 CHF
  • Visit us within the opening hours
  • Or make an appointment outside opening hours

Test fleet in Kuessnacht am Rigi



Naish One 12’6
Great board for touring the occasional race and also wide enough as familyboard

Naish Glide 12 
Board for larger riders or the entire family.

2019 FIT OCEAN Sports 11’3!
For sporty beginners wanting to learn SUP and advanced paddlers who want a high speed and fantastic tracking in a straight line. For paddlers up to 120 kg. Paddling with kids fits (maximum payload 280 kg.). Produced under Swiss supervision. Dimensions: 343x76x15cm.

2019 FIT OCEAN Cruise Premium Blue 12’0″  
With the payload of 360 kg., this board is suitable for single heavier riders as well as 2 adults + kids. Great for touring, it makes possible for 2 adults to tandem-paddle. Dimensions 365x86x15cm.

2019 FIT OCEAN Speedster 12’6! 
Fast as a race board and a stable as an all-round Board. With long and narrow outline, speed coated flat bottom, square & stable rail shape.



FIT OCEAN Malibu 10’0 
Top quality all round inflatable starter board, produced under Swiss supervision. For riders up 120 kg. Maximum payload 250 kg (paddling with kids also possible). Very stable and tracks great in a straight line, yet very maneuverable. Dimensions: 300x76x15cm.

2019 FIT OCEAN Lady 9’9! 
Lightweight and stiff board constructed to have a long lifetime. With its perfect shaping, it is suitable for lakes, rivers and waves. 300x76x15cm. Riders up to 100 kg. Max load 220 kg (paddling with kids fits). Dimensions: 297x76x15cm.

2019 FIT OCEAN Magic Glide 10’8 BLUE
Available in 4 colors: BLUEAQUAORANGE and GREEN
No.1 bestselling inflatable all-round iSUP in Switzerland. For paddlers up to 140 kg. Max payload 300 Kg., enough for fun paddling with 2 adults or 1 adult with several kids. The board is stable for beginners to learn to paddle and yet offers a very good glide for more advanced paddlers. Includes rings to attach a kayak seat. Produced under Swiss supervision. Dimensions: 325x81x15cm.

2019 FIT OCEAN Family 12’2! 
With the payload of 470liters, this board is suitable for the family (3 adults + kids). It can easily be paddled by 1 person alone and it is pretty fast. Dimensions: 375x86x15cm.