BRAVO BP 20-1 electric pump iSUP new edition black bottom

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The Bravo BP 20-1 Electric Pump is a robust and fast inflator for high pressure applications like inflatable SUP’s. Easy set desired pressure and the pump will automatically stop when the pressure is reached.
Integrated 12V DC battery, rechargeable through cigarette plug or standard 110-240 AC/DC adaptor.
1 Bar (15 psi) up to 1.5 Bar (22 psi). Attention normal iSUP pump to 14 psi max.

Carry-bag, hose and standard connectors included. Perfect for High Pressure Inflatable Boats, SUP’s, Kayaks, Beds and more.

  • Intergrated 12V DC battery rechargable by the cigarette plug or standard 110-240 AC/DC adaptor
  • Suitable for SUP, Boats, Kites,kayaks, all kind of inflatable
  • Inflation fittings for most common valves
  • New portable high efficiency, low noise electric inflator
  • Twin Cylinder, no relays or microswitches

Improved is the connector for iSUP