Bravo BP12 Electric Inflation Pump

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  • New improved modell with updated pistons
  • Including standard SUP connector
  • Fits all inflatable SUP’s
  • Connects to all car batteries
  • Max 15 PSI / 1 Bar (sufficient for all inflatable SUPS)
  • Shuts off automatically (no overheating)
  • Inflates and deflates
  • Fast. approx 4 minutes depending on size of the board
  • The new Bravo BP12 electric inflation pump is great for our inflatable paddle boards. This unit is reliable, easy to use, and stores neatly in its own carry bag. Attaches in seconds to your car battery and will inflate your paddle board in minutes with no effort needed. The Bravo BP12 Electric Inflator pump automatically stops when selected pressure is reached.

What´s included?: Pump, tube, attachment to car and carry bag


  • How fast ? small boards in 4 minutes. Large boards (12ft) about 7 minutes)
  • Can I inflate multiple boards? yes but after 2 boards you need to let the pump cool off 10 minutes. The new BRAVO series is the best on the market (we tested many other ones that we did not like and don’t sell)



  • With Auto Stop
  • On/Off switch
  • With 1,70 m tube and 3 m power cord
  • OUTPUT 160 liter/minute
  • CURRENT 20 Amps
  • MAX PRESSURE 14.5 psi / 1 bar
  • MAX RUN TIME 20 minutes
  • Dimension: 20,5 x 10,5 x 13 cm
  • Weight: 1,2 Kg


Bravo BP12 Electric Inflator Pump Review
31 July 2016 Posted in Inflatable SUP Accessories
Bravo BP12 Electric Inflator PumpThe Bravo BP12 electric inflator pump is a 12v single stage high-pressure piston pump that is awesome for pumping up your inflatable SUP board. The BP12 is super portable due to its compact size and light weight, and it will definitely make your life a whole lot easier when the time comes to inflate your stand up paddle board.

The BP12 is an extremely efficient electric pump. It will automatically pump up your inflatable SUP board from 1 to 15 PSI in just a couple minutes, and the BP12 has an auto-shut off feature that turns it off once your paddle board has been fully inflated. The pump has an easy to read dial that allows you to choose your desired PSI — after dialing in your PSI setting, just press the on button and the BP12 goes to work.

This is a really nice single stage pump that is affordable and perfect for inflatable SUPs. If you are interested in the added convenience of an electric pump, the BP12 is definitely worth the money.


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