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Perfect for stand up paddling because it features a cut out of neoprene on the front and on the side where your arm/ shoulder moves. Deluxe finish with super smooth neoprene which feels very comnfortable against your skin. Feel safe as it is an ISO/CE-N50 approved vest.

Pick the right size:

Bodyweight <60 Kg = XS
Bodyweight 60 – 70 Kg = S
Bodyweight 70 – 80 Kg = M
Bodyweight 80 – 90 Kg = L
Bodyweight  > 90 Kg = XL


  • Complies with Swiss law to carry a sufficient vest with you when stand up paddling more then 300 meter from shore
  • Nylon construction
  • Double buckle closure
  • Full padded neoprene inside
  • The vest is medium buoyancy padded.
  • The Neoprene side panel and double buckle closure prevent movement of the vest.
  • Also ideal for most water sport activities as Windsurfing, Kitesurfing & Sailing.

Warning: This is a flotation vest for experienced swimmers. This is not a lifevest and offers no protection when unconsious.


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